Friday, 9 September 2011

On my doorstep - Madeira lift

Just a few minutes from my front door, Madeira lift connects the main seafront road here with the sun terrace and the lower promenade. Open in Summertime, it saves you having to huff and puff up 98 steps to get back home from the beach. Better enjoy it while we can.

The street level is one of my favourite places to sit and write or read if I can't face the stones. Little details in the faded Victorian architecture always draw my camera.

I've sat and looked at these structures so many times, even before I lived right here, but I often spot something new.

September's 'back to work' means I hop on the bus a lot, so these promenade structures have been catching my eye again as I wait. And the gloom has brought some atmospheric skies while I've been taking shelter.

The best thing about a downpour? Sitting in here waiting for the sky to rush past.