Thursday, 22 September 2011


Click any photo to view as an image stream. What a great new feature, but I hope you'll read the rest of my post as well!

Grounded. Going nowhere fast. Scraped across the stones and dragged into the shallows. It came ashore on ferocious tide when the mist was pulled down like grubby curtains. And it looked like it was a light in the murk of that monochrome as I walked towards it, only me and it on the gloomy beach.

But now, it seems to have dug in and made itself at home on a place it always looked at from a distance. And I love that it's like a sculpture and how everyone looks close and feels the surface and scoops their hands in the great big dent where it hit something huge.

It was warm enough to work on the beach for a couple of hours yesterday and I liked the company of this huge globe, imagined crossing that equator, wondered about the new islands mapped there.

Found myself imagining the workshop that made it, welded the plates together. Wanted to be the one to spray it like a sun. Or the one to hoist it out on the sea.