Saturday, 24 September 2011

Get busy

Anyone who regularly sends work out, be it writing, visual art, music, film will be familiar with the words in this text. It's an extract from my outcomes list kept over the last few years. Read it on a bad day and it does your head in.

I created it earlier this year in response to Rosie's request for submissions for her Failure project. If you take a look at her blog you can read more about the project. And if you click on the failure label at the bottom of her post you'll find out how the project went, because it certainly wasn't a failure!!

The world of publishing takes time to respond, if ever, to the mountains of work it receives. So the only way I can move my work forward is to keep taking it elsewhere, to explore live work and blogs, ebooks and other alternatives. I guess this has given my work a new lease of life and enabled me to take risks in my writing that I wouldn't ordinarily have done.

The work has it's own life, doesn't much care about what anyone else thinks, just wants you to get on and get busy.

So it was great to hear that one of my poems made the top 30 longlist for the Lightship poetry prize. And then, a while later, even better to hear that it had been shortlisted to the top 10!! So, I'm thrilled that my piece will be published in the anthology due out next month.

I thought this week might be quieter, that I would be happy to take it easy, waft about a bit, smile a lot. Talk about a wordrush!! My pen has hardly stopped writing. It's been just the sort of boost I've needed and my words have rediscovered a sense of playfulness that they lost a long time ago.

So, guess what I've done this week? I've sent some more work out and have been smiling a lot!