Saturday, 6 August 2011

Love from Martha

I like her feet. I sleep through the afternoon with my nose in her sandals.

She takes me to the woods in the morning and we run through the trees. I run around in circles. I think she hides from me in the shade. It's a scary game, but I find her in the end.

I try hard not to woof at the big dogs who go by, but if they woof, I make sure to woof back a lot. It's hard not to jump up at the kids as they play. I'm bigger than lots of them and I like it when they are all shouting. It makes me go all bouncy and I get very silly.

Apples fall from the neighbour's tree. Each one makes me jump. I bite them all to serve them right.

We go to the park and I say hello to every dog. I spend a lot of time sniffing everything and then sniffing it again. Annie says - "We're not here to sniff everything," but I think she's wrong.

[Martha is a Goldendoodle, retriever and poodle cross, 5 months old and growing by the day. Not mine, sadly, but that means I can have weeks like this with her. A]