Saturday, 23 July 2011

Side by side (stones 17-23)

17. Side by side

all you need to do
is sit side by side.

I was in Wales last week, staying beside a river that has become a friend. Afon Glaslyn runs past the garden of a little cottage I stay at. Her voice is a constant there, especially at times when the water is wild. And it was very wild for the first few days!

Sitting beside a river. The best times were the simple ones.

Thanks to everyone who sent comments while I was away. I write every day, holiday or not, so here are some stones found in Wales. Enjoy!

18. Angle

No let up in the rain.
Only the angle changes.

19. In another country

At the petrol station
across the border,
mossy rocks like in a magical cave,
fairytale ferns,

20. Slate

Cracked slate.
Blinkered horse.
Picasso portrait.
Shrugging bird.
Map of the valley.

21. Eye level

Sun-baked rocks draw you down,
make you lie eye level
with waterfall, heather,
gorse and bilberries.

22. Runaways

Lambs run away from the steam train,
race with swallows.

23. Red dragons

Red dragons guard the iron frames
of the station benches.