Sunday, 31 July 2011

Can't help watching

31. Can't help watching

White water fades to black.
Black water runs into white.

31 stones. One for each day of July, skimming through my posts this month. It's been so good to take a close focus again.

July also involved a real life rushing, raging river for me. Afon Glaslyn, pictured here in the first shot looking downriver towards the gorge and in the second shot looking upriver from the garden. Staying right beside this river in Wales, it's no surprise that there are many more stones in my notebook that haven't made it to the polishing stage yet.

As usual, after I return home, I'm still missing her voice running through the house. I'm lucky to hear the sea here at home sometimes, especially when the traffic is quiet or when the tide pounds in, but a river has a different kind of constancy in her sounds, and was running just a few yards away from the house.

Thanks to everyone who followed the river this month and especially those who added comments.