Monday, 2 May 2011

Yes, no and maybe


The tides come and go. I try to take notice, pay attention to when my feet might find some sand to stroll. Hope that's it won't be at 3 am.

Same with this blog.

Inkhaven first took form as a way for me to get back into daily writing. Once my writing practice found a good rhythm, there was a shift into posting less often. Time went on and it all seemed to take on a little life of it's own and readership grew.

It's been a busy time, lately. I'm so happy that lots of creative work is on the go - writing, music and drawing projects are in flow. I've been spending less time online and consequently, spending less time here at Inkhaven and less time looking at other blogs. But lately, the lovely flow that was once here, has been missing. The sense of looking forward to posting seems to have faded.

April just gone, brought only 5 posts here. There were a couple of times when I browsed my photos, looking for interesting shots. But then I realized there was nothing I wanted to say, at least not online.

Part of what's going on is that there seems to be more and more work that I don't want to share with the whole world. "In progress" has taken on a new value for me and I like the effect it's having on my work.

Here on the stony coast, beach walking mostly depends on your footwear. Yes - you're in that old pair of sandals that curve to the exact shape of your feet and there's a stretch of low tide sand just easing further and further into the sun for a precious time. No - you're coming back from work in smart clothes and your best shiny shoes and the stones are piled high like unstable cliffs on their way East. On the maybe days, it's a case of seeing how windy or cold it is and taking it from there.

That's the kind of yes, no and maybe that I'd like to find again here - an easy way of being with it all and with no sense of having to produce something for these pages or feeling guilty if I haven't posted this week.

Vast skies and seascapes flow past my front door every moment.


Apparently, most blog readers read less when there are lots of words onscreen. So, if you are still with me at this point and have any thoughts on this post that are not to do with me funding you through University or wanting me to check out your hot shots elsewhere, please do leave a comment. Inkhaven is suffering from a loss of genuine readers and creative buddies and it would be lovely to hear from people who have thoughts in their head.