Friday, 13 May 2011

Printed orange

Click while it's still here!

Mysterious that this post from yesterday was deleted during Blogger's big blip. Sadly, the comments disappeared as well, although I do still have them as emails, so if I can't somehow retrieve them, I'll add them into the comment box anyway.

I'm trying again. I might have lost the specifics, but I do still remember the thread!

Bought in a mesh bag from the supermarket with 5 other blood oranges, the beautiful dark speckled skins were no match for this one. Shaded by leaves in the sun blast there's a printed effect on the skin.

Now that I've eaten the others, it's sitting in the fruit bowl with some pale looking satsumas and an avocado which has a rough ridge that reminds me of a dragon's spine in picture books, or the final rocks leading up to a mountain summit.

I'm lucky to have a plot on the edge of town to grow food. All shapes and sizes come home tasting great. Sad that non conformist fruit usually gets binned.

However, there was once a lemon I chose for similar reasons. You can read about it here.