Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Drawn to the beat


So, you cover the whole floor in paper, get out some crayons and turn the music up loud!!

I didn't know that the secret headbanger in me would be in her element when I went to a workshop called Drawn to the beat last Saturday night. It has to be one of the most memorable night's ever, and certainly top of my drawing experiences.

It was given by Naomi Kendrick who is a visual artist from Manchester. There's lots of info about her work on her blog including some video of such an event. The photos are gorgeous as well. This all happened at Fabrica, where I've also done other unusual workshops that I've previously posted about.

I had thought that I might snap a few shots before, during and after. However.......

........I got a bit carried away and 2 hours had passed by in a crayon frenzy with sweat running down the side of my face as I worked before I knew it. It reminded me a bit of ecstatic dance without much footwork. Totally engrossing. In another world. Just wonderful. (That glass of beer afterwards was pretty wonderful as well!!)


All these shots are taken across the finished floor. As you can see, there wasn't much white paper left by the time the music stopped!!

This last one shows my work in the foregound with the dark swooping shape and the geometric circle. Guess it measured about 4 foot across. My knee discovered that rather lovely grid cover in the floor which became more and more golden as I worked.