Tuesday, 19 April 2011

In progress

Beach, garden, paddling, walking. England's early Summer shine is a beautiful surprise. Can't believe I'm walking around in sandals in April and hoping I put enough sunscreen on.

The potatoes are in, the broccoli has had enough of the heat, the apple blossom is just pushing through, the sky is gorgeous every day and the light makes it impossible to stay indoors.

But, I had booked onto a couple of workshops this week. The photo shows a huge piece, possibly my biggest ever at about 4 ft x 3 ft that shook away all sorts of cobwebs. It's been too long since I spent time with art materials in my hands - things beginning with v or w always seem to take first pick on my time and energy.

The location was Fabrica where the current installation is The Forty Part Motet by Janet Cardiff. It's a shame you can't be there as it's hard to describe the feeling of working amongst this sound and to see the model move through such a space as lines danced across the page and the daylight swung across the gallery.

How to reconnect with drawing!!