Thursday, 10 March 2011

Five, six, pick up sticks

The Spring tidy up has begun.

Clipping back the fruit bushes. Feeling the bite of the secateurs as they cut through the first stems to hint at leaf. One of the jobs I like best is to fill a trug with sticks from the gooseberries, raspberries and currant bushes. Tough to take away those first bright green shoots, but it's what you've got to do if you want a good crop. And there's that metal tang of blackcurrants when you clip their branches. I can taste those berries already.

It's harder to tidy back things like this - the artwork that the sun makes with dried out stems on the corrugated fence. They are one of my all time favourite things about having this raggedy plot of land on the edge of town.

Just warm enough to sit for a cup of tea in the sun. Just for a little while beside the swaying daffodils, wrapped up in as many layers as it's possible to wear and still move your arms. You know the sort of thing. I guess we looked great!

Like a Spring harvest, small stones from January are now available in a book - pay attention: a river of stones. It's available from Lulu and you can read about it here. My copy arrived in just a few days and it's great to have 2 pieces included in such an inspiring volume. It was a fantastic project to be involved in. What a way to spend January! Thanks again to Fiona and Kaspa for all their devoted work and thanks to everyone whose comments helped those stones into becoming a river.