Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Eating my greens

It tasted great!! One of my favourite vegetables.

The first pickings of purple sprouting broccoli hit the plate this week. And some late leeks that have enjoyed a week of sunshine and seem to have put on a final burst. Can't quite believe the broccoli survived the blasting of this last Winter. It takes months to grow, sees out the coldest months.

As always, the birds have had a good attempt at getting to it first. I'm sure the crows have been trampolining on the cages we built as all the posts are leaning at odd angles, like a wonky gymnasium. Some of the supports are swooping down low as if the call went out for every pigeon in town to come and sit in a row to see if it would help them peck closer to the flowers.

Anyway, they didn't, although they've eaten all chard and I don't know if I've rescued it soon enough. Another cage. We'll see how it goes.

Remember to eat your greens!