Saturday, 26 February 2011



Another workshop today, working with words and music. We're preparing for a gig in a few weeks time. Lots of ideas are coming closer and blending, merging. Colliding. Sparking off each other and bringing new threads into play.

I'm interested in finding how to play with words and poetic threads like I do in improvised music. The abstracts in sound seem to help keep conscious thought out of the game. Not so with the words. They start telling stories, try to be funny, or clever, always seem to want to make sense.

I want my words to leave me behind
to let rip
to break out of line
I want to let them flick the switch
to river from me
to ride every riff
a slam dunk
a syllable frizzle
a radical doo wop
a verbal collision
You get the drift
I want my words to leave me behind