Thursday, 3 February 2011

Caged buoys

Caged buoys.
The prospect of Summer, held back.


New shoots are greening parts of the garden. Not sure what is about to spring forth yet, but I keep going out to have a look and to breathe in that sappy flower shop scent.

There's a forsythia which is getting closer and closer towards bud burst, but waits another day and maybe another after that. I know it'll happen when I'm not looking, but I still check.

Today, I sat outside in the garden and did my writing, coat and scarf on, pot of tea beside me. A first, here in my new home. I've got a spot inside as well, right beside the back door, so I can look out without being rained on. All set for Spring.

It's so often far too windy for an umbrella as you walk along the road here, but there's a walk back from town along the colonnades where you don't get wet in the rain. Sadly, the sun lounge is long gone. It's now a music venue, but I like that they left the old sign. Might be a good place to do some writing as well.....