Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Back at the outdoor desk

Gets me every time. The leeks endured the snow. Withstood the big freeze. Survived attacks by crows and pigeons. Held on.

It's a sign of the extra light we get on the good days that the weeds are back. But who cares when leek and potato soup will be in the pan soon.

We still have a few parsnips in the ground. They've tasted the best ever this Winter, as if the extreme cold made them assert their flavour and scent even more than usual! And there's purple sprouting broccoli in cages. It's soon to come to plate and I'm determined not to share it with those crows.

So, as you can see, it seems like we're coming out of the Winter. These little narcissi seem to agree, as do the rhubarb shoots. After some weeding and trimming the other day, we sat beside the apple tree sipping tea looking at a plot turning back to green.

And despite this part of England having returned to being mild and very damp, there was one day when it was warm enough to do this.

Just for a while. Until the aching chill crept back into fingers and other places. Good to know that my outdoor desk still sets the work in motion. Feels so great that this is just a couple of minutes from home.