Monday, 31 January 2011

Ribbons and rivers


the tide unravels lace ribbons
sifts through rivers of stones


This is the beach across the road from me at a lowish tide. Brighton pier in the distance, beyond millions of stones. It's rare to see low tide sand just here, so it's impossible to ignore the shift of stones beneath your shoes as you walk home.

Watching the sky from the doorstep, hidden eclipse, inky chevrons, rain like scree, men on their knees, oblivion, sun forge, colonnade, wind squalls, promenade, hole in the sky, sunset fire, lone black dog, plastic bag... this beach was the location that inspired so many of January's posts and where so many of you came walking with me.

All of this month's posts were "small stones", tiny pieces which were about paying attention to just one moment. I've always loved writing minimalist pieces, so it's been great to take part in A River of Stones. It's interesting to see how many others come into your awareness once you start looking for them! Hard to forget that stone in your shoe.

Thanks to everyone who has sent comments during January. It's been great to connect with new readers and followers through the project. See you for some more stones soon.