Thursday, 30 December 2010

Just across the street

It was warm enough to start tidying the garden without wearing a coat and hat today, and now that the ground has thawed enough, I finally planted some Spring bulbs. (Fingers crossed that they emerge before Summer!)

All very satisfying, but best of all was sitting on the back doorstep afterwards drinking a cup of tea, watching a robin check over all my diggings. He came right up to me, looked me straight in the eye, then went to drag wet leaves and soil out onto the path I'd just swept.

Being at the back of the house means I have the garden. However, if you step outside the front door of the house, you look into skyscapes like the one above. Gorgeous, isn't it? But it would be terrible for me. I'd sit and gaze all day and never get any work done.

I wasn't planning on moving house this year, but I seem to have found a good place to be.

Wishing everyone a happy and creative New Year. Ax