Friday, 3 December 2010

Ice shots


Unlike this iceman, I stood at the front door today, looked out from the top step and came back in again.

The road has turned to glass and a few brave people go by, trying not to fall over. Hills and ice are only good for one thing, I reckon. Downhill skiing. We don't go much in for that here. Although, I think maybe we should start training.

Wednesday night, it snowed like a scene on a Christmas card. It was so beautiful I turned the light off and watched it fall until I was half asleep.

It's the coldest day I have known and although it's great to see a deep blue sky, the sun is struggling to raise the degrees and everyone seems to have that holiday time-warp feeling of not knowing what day it is any more.

While the soup bubbled today, I took photos from inside, icicles being a new subject for me.

I'm hoping the temperature raises a little bit more. I need to practice some music. It's hard to play the fiddle with your gloves on.