Sunday, 7 November 2010


This is how my week felt. Not that it was such a surprise, as I'd seen what was in my diary well ahead of time. October into November was always going to be full on!

Seems like only moments ago that I was sitting on a big step in Yorkshire sketching the view up the valley, in a break from wild weather and workshops.

Home on 1st November meant straight into the weird and wonderful world of nanowrimo. Currently on a roll at 18533, I've discovered that what's emerging is a mysterious thriller type of piece. Not sure how that happened, but I guess I will let it run a way with me a bit and we'll see if I make the target this year.

Last year, I was determined to write in my usual fashion - an hour here and there, fitting it around work, going out, walking, rehearsals etc. with absolutely no burning the midnight oil. So, I'm aiming to use the same tactics again. Here's the link to my nano profile page.

Last line - It was etched on the secret screens of her eyelids in permanent tracery.

Then, yesterday I took part in an improv poetry and music workshop which has thrown so many ideas into the air that I might have to give in and lie down.

Luckily, there are still some wonderful and vivid memories of wooded tracks like this to help me slow down a bit. (I know you've seen this shot before, but it brings the best sighs!)