Thursday, 11 November 2010


You can hear the tide right across town as the first of the Winter storms crashes in, hear this kind of seascape being dragged to shore as you fall asleep.

You know the sort of scenario - running for cover, hiding in doorways and under the railway bridge when you only popped out for a few groceries. Coming back an hour later soaked through. There's a row of wet shoes under the radiator that makes it look like a small army has just moved in.

The gale pushed at me as I looked out from under the trees at the chaos of my allotment. And as always in such weather, the plants look like they don't mind the deluge and the battering.

There's some very fine purple sprouting broccoli doing well in a bird proof cage. Three rows of leeks getting greener by the day. Parsnips which taste like heaven. The rosemary is in bloom again. And best of all, four rows of the brightest thing around. 3 inch high shoots of Winter garlic.

Good weather to stay indoors and do some writing.....Nanowrimo currently at 28402 Last line - A stack of old newspapers faded back to tired yellow. Some from 1953.