Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Lumb Bank

The colours took my breath away.

Looking down the valley, this was the kind of scene that was waiting in Yorkshire when the rain clouds lifted. And the elements made me wait for a lift to the clouds, for a pause from the window rattling gale, for the light to shift. Then it was time to be out for long walks in scrunching leaves down wooded valleys, beside gushing streams and out into the wild open spaces of the moors.

You'll be amazed to know that I, Annie Inkhaven, sat at the desk every morning for 3 hours. YES!! Workshops and study were planned for each day and I was stunned by the power of what came out of my pen. It was a different kind of desk to any I've experienced before. Although I was indoors sitting with everyone around a huge oak table, the energy was still wild. the watercolour has been washed from
back to the pink yellow grey of colours gone wrong
and paper dumped to rinse in the stream
because it was your last piece
and the grey seems to suck away all the colours into itself
holds them
except from that distant place
South of here
where a whiteness leans in
and draws the eye
the brightest colour there is
in the dull palette of today........

I spent one of my happiest afternoons sitting on the big step that led out from my little door. Little box of watercolours, sketchbook, a robin visiting each strut of that fence, tutting at me.

A couple of mornings, I was up and out at first light, running through the rush of these colours. It felt like some part of me just drank them in.

And there was excellent tutoring, good company and lots of giggling that had me in tears.

I guess you won't be surprised to hear that there was a little bit of magic as well..........
Thank you Arvon.