Thursday, 30 September 2010

Melting pot 15

  • From the allotment - The plot has taken on it's Autumn look now that the temperatures are plummeting at night. However, there are still some rich pickings form the raspberry canes and the runner beans. There were even a few brave courgettes the other day and a whole box full of raspberries. Chard, dahlias, sweet peas that seem to be going on flowering forever and potatoes that we need to dig out before the frost comes.
  • On my coffee table - I just finished Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier which I devoured. Fossil hunting. Beach finds have never been that good! Truly! This is the writer of Girl with a Pearl Earring. So, I guess I don't need to say anything else. I was going to say I'm reading lots of poetry at the moment because I'm going to an Arvon writing course in October and want to be in the zone, except I just realized that I always read lots of poetry and might be in the zone already! I'll just mention one volume. Jo Slade The Artist's Room. This is a series of poems based on the life and work of the painter Gwen John. Just beautiful, evocative and touching.
  • On my music stand - Brahms Scherzo, the third of a four movement work he co-wrote with Dietrich and Schumann, but this is the famous movement. Slow progress, I feel, but it's been a busy week, reason being I've been doing this......

  • On my iPod - I played a half hour set with a new combo last week. Gus joined me on double bass and Monty played percussion at an experimental night called Spirit of Gravity. We didn't think anyone had recorded the night, but last night we were all given a disc of recordings and shots. Sometimes, listening back to a live gig takes away the magic, but that isn't the case with this one. Lost in music. Nothing like it.