Thursday, 2 September 2010

Melting pot 14

  • On my coffee table - The year of the hare by Arto Paasilinna which I'm trying to make last just another day or two. About to start What becomes by A.L.Kennedy and a volume about painter Elizabeth Blackadder at work in her studio.
  • On my music stand - I'm rusty and dusty after the Summer, but as always, I begin with Bach, this time his E major Partita. It makes the violin very happy. One day it might make me happy as well. E major, bright like these gorgeous metal blue days we always get this time of year.
  • On my iPod - Tapestry by Carole. Just FAB FAB FAB to listen to this. I had forgotten. It shuffles into 5 movements for string quartet by Webern. Rock and roll! Just my sort of back to back choice.
  • At the allotment - Just one cardoon (pictured above) burst into short-lived flower this year, amazing given I thought we had lost all the plants to the big freeze. Elsewhere in town, they seem to be towering like thistle trees, still blue and covered in bees. However, I can enjoy the ones in the park while ours fades to shrivelled crisps of old silver and there has been much to be happy about - sweet peas and dahlias, late crop raspberries, salad leaves, still more courgettes, runner beans, french beans, mange tout, baby sweetcorn, and best of all, what's in the next shot. The apple tree has had a wonderful year and we picked the fruits the other day and have them laid out in trays to store over the next months. Autumn is on the way.