Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Drawing on the wire

Always a good sign, I think - when you unroll your pages from a drawing workshop and the charcoal and pastel dust puffs out at you like it was still on the move.

Here's an upside down pose by Katy aka Spidora, who is an aerialist and wire walker. As soon as she began, I was reminded of those wonderful pastels of circus performers by Degas which I've always loved. She performed for us today at a workshop called "Drawing on the wire", just down the road from me at Fabrica gallery in Brighton. The workshop was one of the events to support and compliment the current exhibition which is "A fine line" by Frederic Geurts which we were lucky enough to sit amongst as we did our drawings. If you take a look at that link, do scroll down on the opening page as there is fascinating series of shots taken by one of the gallery volunteers, Daniel, which shows the exhibition in construction.

To be honest, it was an absolute treat to be sitting beside his pristine steel pylons in such a great space and when Katy began work, it all felt like a private show. Wonderful wonderful wonderful and of course, because she was in motion a lot, very difficult. My insides went GULP at the start when I first looked at my blank paper.

However, I told myself I hadn't gone there to gulp and selected a lovely bendy twig to do some ink drawings with. Never happier than when I have ink on my fingers, away I went, although much of it was seriously off the mark and will fuel my next bonfire. So, here's an inky piece of wire walking with an umbrella which I felt reasonably happy with.

And here's an aerial pose, hanging from the delicious white silk that she managed to twist around her feet as she found rest.

But there were so many tiny moments that I could never have captured in drawings. They made for such a memorable session. Here's one that just makes me smile.