Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Melting pot 12

  • On my coffee table - Phew!! You will have seen our glorious weather from tv reports from Wimbledon. We have had a truly gorgeous June with some wonderful hot spells where everyone seems to have just given in and slowed down. So, I guess it's no surprise that one of my top reads at the moment is a book that has become an unusual classic. Waterlog by Roger Deakin. Sadly, Roger died in 2006, but he left us some wonderful writing. Waterlog details how he took a journey across Britain by swimming in every pool, river, lake, open air pool and mountain tarn along the way. Having dipped toes in mountain tarns in the height of Summer, I can only imagine how determined he must have been!

  • On my music stand - Under the Moon by Martin Hayes. Beautiful transcriptions from one of my favourite Irish fiddle players. His playing is haunting and lyrical and always reminds me that I need to go on a trip across the water to where some of my ancestors hail from.

  • On my iPod - A live recording made form my last set with my duo partner Dave when we played an improvised gig in April. It's always hard to listen objectively soon after the show. So, the break gives me time to listen as if it's someone else doing the playing.

  • From the allotment - Have been spending so much time there lately, mainly because it hasn't rained for weeks. No rain = no crops. So, the hose and the watering cans have been out. I've already written about some of our crops this month, but the first photo shows the first sweet peas and the first raspberries, both picked today. Those blackcurrants from last week have now been made into lovely jam. The first year we've had enough of a crop to make it. And we also made elderflower cordial for the first time, which has to make one of the loveliest non-alcoholic drinks ever. And also from today, the first mange tout peas, including one that had grand ambitions!