Wednesday, 2 June 2010


sea sun shimmer
squint as the scene splits
popping into bursting stars
let eyelashes flit across wind teary eyes
eyes that want to close against the bright
but don't want to miss watching this moment
a runner jogs into the sun
kids bike out through wet sand
a small dog let off the lead just runs away into all that space
his owner stands unconcerned gazing
as if it happens every day
a writer with wind in her hair follows the ripple lines
all of us heading for the horizon
and though our paths will not converge there
maybe we are all interested in the same thing
the runner, the bike kids, the dog, the owner, the writer
maybe we all want to fall into a hugeness so vast
we are meaningless dots
grains of sand on that shore

* photo not taken in Brighton!!
Crosby beach provided the inspiration for this piece.