Monday, 7 June 2010

Happy Birthday Inkhaven!!

In June 2008, I began a blog called Inkhaven.

I can't quite believe that 2 whole years have passed since then, or the amount of words that I've written, both here and on real pages. I started a blog as a way to support my daily writing. Seems like I got what I wanted, plus I got the wonderful added bonus of you as well!!

It would be great to have you all round to raise a glass with me to celebrate, but I know it would involve some mammoth trips and a very tight squeeze once you all got here.

Instead, I'd like to celebrate by offering a small gift to one of you. Why not send me a comment so that I can enter you into a draw for one of my limited edition booklets? I'll send out a copy of Blackthorn for the winner to enjoy. And I'll be making the draw a week today - Monday 14th June.

Good luck.