Sunday, 20 June 2010




It's the start of our busy season on the allotment, mostly spent wondering if the rain might do the watering for us. But the best thing is getting to pick what's ready!

These are elderflowers, picked in full sun yesterday. We made elderflower cordial which is now bottled up ready to enjoy over the Summer.

Ready for breakfast?

The first of the redcurrants were ready as well. Hard not to eat them straight from the branch! I was very well behaved and didn't.


And here's part of the gooseberry crop, ready to be split between the freezer and what was for dessert tonight. Yes, I know. This might be a small torture for you. Gooseberry crumble. It was wonderful!

So, all that mesh unrolling and cage building has been worth it so far. We haven't had to settle for what the birds left us this year!