Sunday, 9 May 2010

Viewed from the sofa

As I mentioned in my last post, May is Brighton Festival month, so I've had some great times at lots of different shows and events, and I'm now suffering a bit from way too many late nights in a row!

Antidote to some of this has been an installation that I just love. In my current state of bleary eye, I've enjoyed several little trips down the hill to see Brian Eno's 77 Million Paintings at Fabrica.

Fabrica is a gallery space in a former church where I've done some wonderful workshops, including a drawing workshop that I posted on back in March. The current show is just perfect for this space.

The work features slowly shifting sequences of bright abstract mosaic-like slides, projected in the chancel area, like a stained glass window. This is viewed in semi-darkness from the nave, where you can lounge on rows of sofas, with sounds that softly resonate through the space. All the images and sounds are computer generated so it's a safe bet that you would never see and hear the same combinations of images and sounds repeated, even if you lay on the sofas there for the whole of the festival.

Here's the link to some gorgeous shots. And you can read a bit more info about the show here - be sure to scroll right down as there's another image gallery to see at the bottom of the page.