Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Hard to ignore how gorgeous the trees look at the moment. So, it was no surprise that I found myself drawing a beautiful tree when I took part in Brighton Sketchcrawl a couple of Saturdays ago. This one droops in the gardens outside the Royal Pavilion.

I'm not sure what I was expecting from meeting up with others to draw, but we were a happy band of three that afternoon and I would have stayed longer if I had gone prepared with warmer clothes. Next time I will dress warm. I love observational drawing, but it has sunk down my priority list a bit these last few years.

More trees today.........

Curtains of oak, beech and maple drift across a view of perfect sky. Lunchtime, taken slowly in the hill top shade, feels like such a treat.

But the blossom rain of seed husk confetti is sudden to shower down as a squirrel dispute explodes high in the tree tops and everyone looks their way. They cackle and spit through the maze of branches, snake fast through the turns until they run out of branch and freeze.

Just like careful chalk marks a playground, a plane trail draws a stand-off line midway between them, as if to settle it. It avoids me having to hide my apple from tiny hands. A blackbird is loud loud louder over it all, painting squiggly lines as if to scribble them out.

And I have sat too still too long. Tree litter covers me, pigeons coo around my bare toes, and the purple shadows make me disappear. The shade is playing camouflage with the patterns on my clothes, drinks me in, away from the harsh that midday brings.