Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Pretty much everywhere I go, there's a tiny notebook in my pocket.

They usually have plain pages so I can switch between words and drawings as and when. They usually come with plain covers as well, except I usually buy them in batches and have a book cover blitz when I go into "production line" mode.

The top shot is of my current pocketbook. I'm tempted to name it "Scenes from a life" as it seems to have become a mix of random jotting, strands of poetry that never got any further, phone numbers and e mail addresses and reminders to check train times or buy tea. I seem to have a lot on the go at the moment, so this one is showing signs of wear and tear from all those months on the road with me.

The next ones were actually bright luminous pink when I bought them in a sale, but I knew I had to do something to change that for the better. Oddly, the darker of the two seems to have brought a darker strain of writing than I was expecting. I just loved those chance dark colours against the bright blue.

However, sometimes I go the whole hog and start from scratch and make little books with exactly the size and kind of paper I want and my own choice of covers. The next shots show some concertina books that hold ideas that I'm currently working on. The pebble design wrapping paper on the first one is a particular favourite.

The orange book here is packed full of drawings and has worn back dull from a shine that had always seemed a bit too gold for me, so I guess time has made it into more of what I wanted.

But finally, this little keyring notebook bought for 99p at Muji, has provided a home for all my little writing prompts, and it's my current favourite even though it's all new round the edges.

It's great to have these around when I'm writing in my usual black cover notebooks. I know, I could set to with those as well, but they might take a while longer.