Monday, 31 May 2010

Melting pot 11

  • On my coffee table - The Peregrine by J.A. Baker. Beautifully written, every word. This might take me a while as some of his words are so gorgeous I have to keep re-reading.
  • On my music stand - Tango etudes - Astor Piazzolla. It's only ever the strange geeky musicians who love etudes. However, this set hides the technical trickery in dances and swoons that nearly take my breath away. They make the violin happy as well.
  • On my iPod - The astounding eyes of Rita by Anouar Brahem. It's a great title for an album. He played in Brighton early this month and it has to be on my list of top ten gigs. I don't have an actual list, I realize, but I know what would be on it.
  • At the allotment - The rhubarb is in full glory and it's hard to squirrel some away into the freezer for the dark days of November. But we try! Every herb is drunk on long days of bright sunlight. The fennel loves our dry spell. The tin bathful of mint is a lush forest with an escapee chive swaying above it like a monster eye. The mange tout and sugar snaps are joining hands to reach the top of their wigwam canes in unison. And the photo shows the first picking of what have to be our most stunning radishes.