Saturday, 10 April 2010

Micro and macro

It's a great place to have your Winter cobwebs blown away. So much to see in micro or macro worlds.

Last week, I was up in Liverpool seeing my family. Crosby beach and Anthony Gormley's "Another Place" is at the end of the road. My trips always include long walks there every day, whatever the weather. This time, it was bright with added white light bouncing off the distant snow covered mountains in Snowdonia. When the wind dropped it was warm enough to take coats off. And there were a couple of evenings when the light hung late and the best thing to do was watch the sky become one colour mass with the sea.

I was often gazing down at the sand patterns or long lines of salt crust left behind from the previous high tide, lost in following bike tracks or dog paw prints that led into the waves. Anonymous footprints walked North like mine to the distant blue haze of a horizon bitten out by mirage.

The best thing, as always, was the space.......