Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Goodbye Hz

He'll still be listening in when I play music and generally hovering around the place, but sadly, my blogging sidekick Hz has decided it's time to say goodbye to his blog later this week.

He has given "Fly on the wall" a fair go of it since September, although I know his interest waned in recent weeks. He had wanted more of a response from his readers rather than being left feeling he was talking to himself, wanted a bit of input from "out there" to help direct his new posts.

I can see that it's time for him to "buzz off" as he calls it. It has reminded me that you don't find things out unless you try them and I'm hoping that he will soon be enjoying new ventures, wherever they might take him.

He's here beside me now telling me what I need to write next.
He says xxxxx to his followers. Love, Hz

I'm saying xxxxx to my followers as well because you make a real difference. It wouldn't be the same without you reading and commenting. Love, A