Monday, 8 March 2010

Drawing in the dark

Screens played old cine films in the darkened hall of Fabrica Gallery. A dancer was creating poses and movement in response to them. She had charcoal clipped to a pair of gloves so she could draw as she lay on the floor. And if I'm honest, I wanted to be her, dressed in her white body suit, letting her limbs do the drawing. It looked so wonderful. And of course, the white clothes looked great when she had finished, although they won't ever be the same again.

All very wonderful to observe, but even better to take part in. All the drawing materials were provided by Fabrica so that you could spend time drawing in the dark to your heart's content.

I loved watching the anonymous of busy drawings being created.

It was almost a dream kind of set up with layers of images and reality blurring in the dimmed light. There was a moment when the kids on screen seemed to laugh right out of the image rush into today and another dancer joined in, joyful, to make shadows. Something touching about how these old family shots inhabited this space.

I really don't know where this week has gone. Good busy. A long clifftop walk, a poetry and music improv collaboration, some of my poetry being read to a new audience, digging the bean trenches and filling them with compost, buying onion sets ready to plant next weekend, lying in the sun on the one afternoon it was warm enough to do such things, and I just made the most delicious pasta sauce ready to have when I've finished work later.

March flooded in with 8 days of sunshine and look what happened.