Wednesday, 3 February 2010

West Pier diggers

When I saw the headline, I rushed down to the beach, knowing I'd missed this morning's low tide by a few hours. I was thinking that the concert hall would have been scooped up from the sand like a toy on a fairground grabber game that always grinds to a halt just before you win, that there would be nothing left to see.

They'd talked about it long enough. I knew it was a case of waiting for those lowest of low tides that I so love for the demolition team to speed into action, their plan being to remove the concert hall which was the wreckage closest to shore. The main "island" is apparently going to remain.

So, this was the scene as I arrived with a new view and the tangled remains dumped in a heap. Removal job complete. And piece after piece was being dumped in enormous skips. Very sad to see a full one being driven away.

So, there will be no more of those lovely inky shadowy shots like I posted here that were taken when I was standing underneath the arched girders for the last time, not knowing I should have been saying goodbye to one of the wildest parts of town.