Wednesday, 13 January 2010

White out

Another snowfall in the night.

It wasn't what I wanted to greet me when I opened the curtains this morning, beautiful as it is to look at. I was hoping things might be able to get back to normal today, and to be able to have a decent walk. Not much chance of that unless you find walking up and down a high street to be scenic.

It's been a week of trying not to fall over. And so far, in my brief trips out, I haven't. Just in case you want to picture the scene, this is more out of happening to be near a tree or railings when my feet were set skyward than any potential ice skating talent.

I made it to the beach yesterday, my first walk there for over a week. And despite being blasted by a gale so strong that I could hardly see through my tears, in a rare moment of being able to stand on solid ground, I looked down at the ice in front of me.

I love white lines in this shot, like a drawing just begun, how glossy the tarmac looks, the sense of another world there.

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