Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Warm enough to spend a couple of hours on my plot the other day, this was the hoard I'd been waiting for. The first of the crop.

It always amazes me how plants survive, dare I say it, even thrive in weather. The broccoli is perky, albeit under a mesh that has been weighed down under the snow, the leeks are still holding on despite a dramatic season of pigeon attacks, rust and then ice cover. And the parsnips taste wonderful, probably even more so because of having to wait until the ground thawed.

The herbs are pushing out new growth. Spring bulbs are reaching towards the sun and a blackbird sat in the stark tree top and sang for the whole time we were there. All of which makes me very happy. Better to be able to spend more time outdoors again without being dressed in multiple layers and having to keep on the move.

And, my Etsy store has opened for business here or by clicking the photo in my sidebar. Copies of Blackthorn are in stock and a new volume will follow soon.