Friday, 1 January 2010

Beach booty

Fantastic beach combing booty these last few days. Yesterday, next to a full-to-the-brim granite sway of high tide, it was just me, a few kids on new bikes and skates and three dogs in the distance.

Today, a few yards away from huge crowds of holiday promenade strollers wrapped and wrapped again against the cold, there was sun enough to sit for a while and a bit of solitude if you picked your spot.

Always good for me to be out. While my desk is a very positive space at the moment, it's good to get away from it for a while and from the projects that are strewn across the house. Cobwebs need to be blown.

Part of me wants to wish you a year of sea carved wood, milky blue marbles and fishing lures with wonky eyes. I could wish you old bits of salt eaten fibreglass and strange stoppers from goodness knows what sort of containers, but I appreciate that beach treasures might not be your idea of what makes a mundane day on a bleak beach into a great one!

So, wishing you creative adventures of all colours in 2010 and wonderful surprise finds, whatever and wherever they might be! Ax