Sunday, 31 January 2010

Almost like a birthday

It was almost like a birthday, except my birthday isn't in January!

Parcels came through the post last week, both as a result of generous name-in-the-hat giveaways from other bloggers. I was stunned to hear the news both times, and I'm now the very lucky owner of two gifts which I just love.

The first to arrive was this beautifully wrapped book from Lynne Perrella who attached a card of her stunning work "Three Graces" to the front of the wrappings. Robyn at Art propelled had invited Lynne to contribute a post. It is stunning as well and I hope you will enjoy reading it and browsing the lovely shots by clicking here.

The book itself is a visual feast from start to finish and I can hardly put it down! Why not grab a cuppa and take a look at Lynne's website by clicking here.

The second parcel came from Jeane at ARTIT whose post on January 1st got 2010 off to a cracking start by announcing a giveaway of one of her assemblages. As you can imagine, I had no trouble in finding a spot for it. (My walls aren't red, in case you're wondering! I just took a shot when I unwrapped it.)

It has been a strange week, with the mundane mixed in and lost in the wonderful everyday that has swept me along with it. Somewhere within it all, I have sat and leafed through a certain book many times over, smiled at a certain assemblage now on my living room wall, I played in an improv performance, went to hear two lovely poetry readings to hear poets I admired and also discovered some new ones to read, I dug up some more parsnips, pulled down last year's corn stalks which didn't seem to want to be pulled up yet, listened to tennis finals on the radio, had a few long walks under cold blue skies, sent some work off and as always, wrote some more.


Thanks again to Robyn, Lynne and Jeane.