Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Blue pumpkin

Too much time spent indoors this weekend. My first experience ever of being iced in, house bound. Tempting to take a tray and slide down the hill into town on it, hopefully grinding to a halt before the main seafront road. But how to get back home?

The camping shop has some crampons on display in their window and I was wondering how many pairs they might have sold as stocking fillers. How to test your first ever set of crampons now that the ice is gone?

I made pumpkin soup, used the last one grown on the allotment last Summer. I took some shots before I cooked it and then got a bit creative with my software. So, here is my favourite shot taken of the lovely textured bit that forms the base.

Thanks for reading my blog and for all the comments and friendship over the last year. It wouldn't be as much fun without you.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and a wonderfully creative 2010! Ax