Sunday, 22 November 2009

Why wait?

I was going to wait until tomorrow for this, however.....I just went over the Nano word count and saw that little slot turn to GREEN!! There are still more words to add there, so I'm just going to keep going, though I might reward myself with a day off this week! Thanks to everyone who has been following my progress - it has been a huge boost.

At 50079 my last line was - " The colours surprised him. they seemed too gaudy, too plastic, too bright like the shout of party clothes. "

AND - I have been trying to keep quiet about this since I found out, but today, the results were announced for the Bridport Prize, and released on line.

I am so pleased that one of my poems - Straight from the stick - made it onto the shortlist in my first year of entering. Here's the link to the poetry prizewinners page. Unfortunately, only the winning poems are there, but I will let you read mine soon.

Right, time to party!!!