Friday, 13 November 2009


I had fun putting together a mock-up of a book cover for my Nano project which now has a title - redletterday

You can take a look at my Nano page here. Don't miss your chance to read a synopsis and an extract never before seen in real life or anywhere else except there.

In case you have a Romantic image of me burning the midnight oil every night, it's my usual habit of working an hour here and there among the other stuff that is getting me through. The reality is - a living still needs to be earned and broccoli needs to weeded especially when it has rained as much as it has this week.

Here's my last sentence from today's words -

"He could see it behind his closed eyes, felt a hint of orange warmth on a face that wanted him to be set into the breeze, walking bracken deep on the deer track meanders of an endless moor."

And the word count stands at - 32045.
And I'm very happy!