Thursday, 26 November 2009

Red roofed shed

Granite clouds peel away the blue. Dark capes race the gale. Gravel spits up at gritty windows. A rainbow rises to glide above the valley hunched town.

Hail bites in, reminds the street that it was once a stream, a sheep run, a meander that can never hurry. It's been a week of stormy skies.

I can't believe I've been out and about a lot this week and so far, I haven't been soaked to the skin. But instead of dodging the deluge and running for cover, I wanted a panoramic window, a wide angled view of the sky. Possibly a cabin out in the midst of the sky drama, like this red roofed shed which is at Rye Harbour.

Anyway, Nano has benefited from all of this. Currently at - 58121.
Last line - " Before and after Sunny. Her life seemed fall into two parts."