Friday, 6 November 2009

14,000 and rising

It's been a normal week in many ways.

I've done my music practising, rediscovered a gorgeous piece I had long forgotten about, made soup, done the washing, bought groceries, done a normal week's work, had a great playing session with some music buddies, been out for a beer, finished reading a novel and started reading another, had long blustery walks in the Autumn greys of the beach.

But my lovely writing notebooks are missing me since I started my Nanowrimo project. As I predicted last week, the big challenge for me is sitting at a desk, indoors.

However, before you get used to the picture of my enforced word bashing, my words are on the go, big time and my characters are starting to do their own thing. It feels like a wild place to be and I love it.

Often, playing an instrument, I've looked down mid piece and watched my own hands playing as if they know exactly what to do without any intervention from me. This week, I've discovered they like playing on the computer keyboard like that as well.

Today, the word count rose above 14,000. That calls for a glass of something tonight, I think.

Ps. As requested by Gordon, here's the last line I wrote on my Nano pages earlier today.
"I have lost who I once was."