Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Seconds -Athens

I was beginning to think that he had deserted us on this trip, so it was good to feel the heat on that last morning and to see the sun on the stone pathway ahead as well.

Mosaic panels decorated the track that wound up through olive trees, twisted pines and gorse bushes. The arrow-shaped ones made me smile. I think someone had had fun while making these. Could anyone ever doubt that the way to the best views in town would involve going uphill?

Coming out of the shade into a blast of heat, the breeze flooded at your back and you could turn to see wonderful views all around, right across the city, to the distant mountains and out to the sea.

But the main reason for this morning walk was to get a different perspective on a view in another direction, to one that attracts millions of people.

It had been drawing my eyes even in all that rain and especially when floodlit at night. Bright specs moved around the whole hilltop. Among the scaffolds and the fallen downs, crowds of people were making their pilgrimage.

And I didn't care that the way to it meant retracing our steps and then another steeper climb in the scorching heat. I just knew I had to go there.