Friday, 2 October 2009

And now for some Shhhhhhhhhhh

Still there today. Thanks to our lack of rain, the chalk drawings and messages I've been looking at on the promenade are still just about visible. Truth is, they are now so faded that you would miss them if you had other things on your mind.

It's been an odd week. Brighton has just said goodbye to a big political gathering plus all the necessary security measures in the centre of town to ensure smooth running and safety. It has made me feel like carrying a notebook and a camera is a radical act. Reminded me that such is the case in other parts of the world.

So, the town felt a bit more normal this afternoon. Phew!

Anyway, the message I like best is written in great big letters with a certain desperate and frenetic energy about them that gradually fade out smaller and smaller like a diminuendo at the end of a musical phrase. It says "Shhhhhhhhhhhh" until the final h is tiny, just like the perfect Shhhhhhhhhhh would sound. It's drawn on a background of cross hatching.

And I'm thinking, what a huge relief after all the helicopters, police sirens, no go zones, traffic jams and general hoo haa, to just have some voice from afar let rip with a Shhhhhhhhhh that can silence the masses even if just for a little while.