Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sand at Brighton

Instant reflexology if you walk barefoot here. Sometimes, it hits a spot you didn't know needed hitting. Usually, you just have to resort to putting your jelly shoes back on again if you want to make it down the beach without adding contribution to the Ministry of Silly Walks. 

I try to carry no gear when I'm out and about walking. A tiny notebook and pen, my keys, a bit of loose change in my pocket. It's great for beach rambles and sitting on hilltops, except, it means I miss wonderful photo opportunities all the time and then have to write about them instead. (And as I write this, I realize that I've wanted to do a post like this for ages.)

So, finally and especially for you, dear readers, I carried the camera to the beach when I knew that this was about to happen. Ta daaaaa! That rare and elusive occurrence - sand at Brighton.

Never turning down the opportunity for a paddle, I tucked my sandals under my arm to walk out on the sand mirror that is the beach nearest to me when it isn't being shy and hiding beneath the waves of a tide that doesn't often leave the shore. 

And despite being followed home by the most amazing Turner sky which made it ominously dark at 6pm, (In case you're wondering, I wasn't carrying my paints.)

I was having a ball.