Friday, 10 July 2009

Look out

Hard to tear myself away from some of the places and finds I have seen lately.

One of my favourite spots to look out is East along the coast from here. I sat on the cliffs watching the tide recede, the closest I could get without risking life and limb. And although I have sat and gazed from here so many times, it always feels like looking out over new territory. 

The waves hardly broke, so there was a huge silence out in all this sea space and I envied the gulls their easy drift over this scene. 

Close up to the old corrugated metal that fences part of my allotment, I found another world I could gaze at for hours. The kind of lovely surprise that you notice in the humdrum of clearing out all those accumulated handy things you know you will never use that you have kept behind the shed, just in case.

At the height of the growing season, there are wonderful things to see at every turn at the plot. Now that we've had 3 months' rain in the space of one day, my plot is also home to every weed in England. 

However, the first courgettes have been harvested and were wonderful. And yes, because of said weather, the glut is to come.