Thursday, 25 June 2009


The rare luxury of low tide sand for a couple of miles. It doesn't happen here very often. So it felt even more special tonight. I went out there after work to have my cobwebs blown away from having a hectic time these last few weeks. 

Better now, though feeling I could sleep for a week.

Now that I have a bit more space, it's been interesting to look back at some collages that I've made, all sparked off by this post from Robyn last week. I have to be honest and say that what interested me most about this idea was that it only takes a few minutes each day. I was curious to see what came up. So, I've done it these last 5 days. 

Busy busy busy me in need of holiday wasn't expecting what arose. 

Pulled from magazines and newspapers with no expectation in mind, they make me laugh out loud. Not a great shot of this, the first collage, but the words I stuck on the little Summer house roof say - "Do more." 

I know. 
There aren't enough hours in the day.
Or are there?